the mumbai carnage

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This is with reference to the series of articles on the Mumbai attacks written by Aakar Patel in your newspaper. Mr Patel said that The Times of India was India's most liberal newspaper. I have been reading the internet edition of the ToI for many years now and I think it's the most anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan publication in the world. For example, one recent article had the headline: "PM summons ISI chief to Delhi". Another one was "Pak role in terrorism being studied by US".

And just this morning, it ran a news item saying that the gunman they caught was trained in "Mansehra and Muzaffarabad in Pakistan's Punjab." So eager are they to malign Pakistan that they don't even bother to check their geographical knowledge since both towns are not in Punjab. And if one looks at the whole thing dispassionately, one will be surprised to see the number of loopholes in the story. The killers are supposed to have drunk alcoholic drinks at Cafe Leopold. This is not what jihadis do. And how convenient that they also managed to kill the one police official who was closely investigating Lt-Col Srikant Purohit's role in the Malegaon blasts.

Also the writer says that a 'link to Lashkar or Jaish will lead to the certain demand that Pakistan surrender these men to India'. How about the Indian government handing over Colonel Purohit to Islamabad to determine whether he has any connection with bomb blasts in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan?

Shakir Lakhani