December 28th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

An email received from an Indian (Dr George Uthappam, PhD) reveals that the real terrorists are not Muslims, but extremist Hindus. Part of his email is reproduced below:

“Allow me to take you back to a few incidents (I call them ‘terror-attacks’) that happened right here in India, just a few months ago. Only it wasn’t in Mumbai, but another lesser known state Orissa. Priests were killed. Beaten up. Hammered and left bleeding naked on the streets to die.

Nuns were raped.
Children were burnt alive.
Christians killed and cut to pieces.
Rajni Machi, a 20-year-old HINDU girl, who was rejected by her parents because she was the eldest of 7 girls (the parents wanted a son), adopted by Fr. Edward Sequeira, was gang-raped by HINDU fundamentalists, and burnt alive
Hundreds of Churches & villages burnt and destroyed
60,000 plus Christians fled to the forests, with no food, no shelter, no sufficient clothing to keep them warm in the bitter cold.
Volunteers from Mumbai and other parts of the country not allowed to go and help the victims.

No provisions were allowed to be sent to them.

Even today, 1000s of these poor, helpless Christians are hiding in the cold, dangerous forests, with no one to help them.
Now tell me, are these fundamentalists any better than the terrorists? I say no, they are as much a terrorists as the ones who came from Pakistan. In fact, even worse. The terrorists who attacked Mumbai, attacked their enemies. The Indian fundamentalists, attacked their own brothers - fellow Indians.

And these terrorists in Orissa are still roaming around boasting about their great deeds. The Chief Minister of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik still sits on his throne. The attacks in Mumbai have ceased after 3 days. The attacks in Orissa still continue. All this is like the riots against Muslims in Gujarat where Chief Ministar Narendra Modi let his mobs loose to slaughter the Muslims who counted over 1000 dead before the rioting stopped”. This is the real face of “secular” India!