November 29th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

I wonder why Indians are so stupid. Not only are they stupid, they think others are stupid as well. I mean, all this talk about the ISI or Pakistan behind the Mumbai attacks without a shred of proof is really insulting our intelligence. They really think we’re foolish enough to believe that a group of terrorists would arrive on Pakistani merchant ships and enter Mumbai with rifles and grenades in their hands, barge into a cafe, two hotels, a railway station and a Jewish centre and start shooting indiscriminately, without being seen either by the security personnel or the hundreds of people at the scene.

But then, maybe I am wrong, and the Indians have staged this whole drama because Obama said something about sending Clinton over to India to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Like the killing of Sikhs when Clinton was visiting India, or the bombing of the Samjhauta Express (for which Pakistan was conveniently blamed, but Hindu terrorists were later found to be responsible). Indian leaders should seriously think of undertaking psychiatric treatment to cure themselves of ISI-phobia, before they start blaming Pakistan and ISI for all illegitimate children born in their country!