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October 1st, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani
Along with the brutal killings of Muslims and Sikhs, Christians too are facing annihilation in “secular” India. New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) says attacks against Christians have risen sharply since the BJP took power in New Delhi in March 1998 and has escalated even more during campaigning for the elections. Attacks have included killing priests, raping nuns, and vandalizing Christian churches, schools, and cemeteries, according to HRW’s new report “Politics by Other Means: Attacks Against Christians in India”. Thousands of Christians have been forced to convert to Hinduism, the report says.

Although Christians have been in India for two thousand years, they are being forced to convert to Hinduism. In 1996, two Christian priests were killed in Bihar, and a third was killed in 1997. Between January 1998 and February 1999, there were reports of a total of 116 attacks on Christians, including the gang-rape of four nuns in Madhya Pradesh in September 1998. In January 1999 an Australian missionary, Graham Staines, and his two sons were killed in Orissa state when they were trapped in a car which was set on fire. The mob responsible for their deaths was led by Bajrang Dal activist and BJP member Dara Singh, according to a government-appointed commission. But the killer Dara Singh, continues to roam around freely, killing Muslims and Christians without fear of being arrested.

The anti-Christian campaign has spread to the south, where a nun was raped recently and priests were killed. But no one in the Western world has protested against the genocide of Christians in India.

If these killings had taken place in a Muslim country, both McCain and Obama would have threatened to invade it. But just because this is happening in India, no one says anything, such is the hypocrisy of the Christian West.