February 11th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

What follows are not my own views but of those who are still living in the Stone Age, like people who believe in black magic.

Your husband is your master and you have to obey him until the day you die. Remember, he is your lord and master, and if he beats you without any apparent reason, you have to bear it patiently. Just think that he is a victim of black magic, and tell your relatives that if he kills you, they should not go to the police, they should curse those who practiced black magic on him. If you fail to get pregnant in the first year of marriage, don’t ever tell your relatives that he is to blame, even if he’s impotent. Just consider yourself a victim of black magic and go to all the charlatans you know for a cure (it will be a miracle if you get pregnant despite his impotence, but then, I have heard of such cases happening).
Chances are, your husband already has another wife (you don’t have a choice in this matter), but if he wants to take a third or fourth wife, be patient. Remember, it’s that black magic at work again, which makes him believe that a man is not a man unless he has at least ten children, just believe your “amil” when he says that your husband will be fully cured and will repent one day and ask for your forgiveness (this may not happen in your lifetime, though).

Finally, consider yourself lucky that you’re married to a man and not to the Koran, which is what happens to many girls in this country.