Chaudhry Shujaat meets Maulana Aziz
February 14th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

Sometimes I can’t help wondering why we have leaders who should be in hospitals for the mentally sick. I think Choudhry Shujaat desperately needs psychiatric treatment. Just why should the leader of PML(Q) want to woo the crazy mullah Maulana Aziz? the man is a known criminal, yet the stupid Chaudhry wants his support to get more votes in the NWFP! As expected, the mad mullah refused to support the leader of the Q league, because he was angry that sharia (his version of it) was not imposed on the hapless Pakistanis when the Choudhris were in power. It should be remembered that Maulana Aziz is the man who tried to escape from the blockade of Lal Masjid disguised as a woman in a burkha. Instead of teaching the true values of Islam, this mad man preached the gospel of hate and encouraged suicide bombings. Oh well, I suppose we have to suffer because of our own sins, and by giving us leaders like Choudhri Shujaat, Allah is telling us to mend our ways.