It seems that unless a person has the surname “Bhutto” he or she can never be the chairman or chairperson of the largest political party in the country. The new chairman, the late BB’s son Bilawal, had to rename himself as Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, to be acceptable to its members before he could assume the mantle of leadership of the party. Of course, in a few days, he will be referred to as Bilawal Bhutto, and people will forget that his surname was Zardari.
It seems that all those other men and women in the PPP hierachy can never reach the top in the PPP. So I suggest that all of them change their names and insert “Bhutto” before their last names. Sherry Rehman, for instance, should change her name to Sherry Bhutto Rehman, while Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani (famous for his wandering hand in a widely circulated video) should immediately change his name to Syed Yousuf Bhutto Raza Gilani. In fact every member and voter of the party should now be a Bhutto. The result of course will be that there will be as many Bhuttos as there are Khans in the country. This might even result in the party holding elections to select its leaders. (31st Deceber 2007)