Birth control

November 06 2007
Pakistan cannot survive unless the problems of illiteracy and overpopulation are solved. Illiteracy can be overcome only by making education compulsory for everyone, and preferably making it mandatory for all children to be taught in English, as is the practice in India.The population of the country cannot be controlled unless draconian measures are introduced, as was done in China. Unfortunately, the common Pakistani has been brainwashed to believe that birth control is a heinous sin. It's normal for men in the country to aim for ten children and to seek medical treatment if they cannot achieve this goal.In China, those couples who have more than one child lose their jobs and have to migrate to the rural areas to work in the fields. In India, the Congress Party carried out mass sterilisation to prevent people breeding like rabbits, but this was one of the reasons why it was routed in the next general elections.Of course, the ensuing governments did not dare try it again, for obvious reasons. In Pakistan, we can replace the present crop of illiterate clerics with those who have had a modern education.Or the state can train new mullahs who will not be afraid to say that birth control is allowed by Islam. Until that happens, our population will go on increasing exponentially until we run out of food and start eating each other.
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