Published in Friday Times

October 5, the date the President signed the 'reconciliation ordinance' will be remembered as the day some Pakistani Politicians proved they are without shame. Just so one man could remain president, all those who have looted the country are now free to enjoy themselves without being asked to return that they siphoned away. Its obvious that in this country (which should be renamed Corruptistan), honesty will never pay. Those officers who work honest and hard will never get rewarded, while those who indulge in corruption will go free.

Why didn't the deal stipulate that each Member of National Assembly(MNA) be provided salary enough to buy a mansion in Surrey or stash away a billion dollars in a Swiss Bank account, or buy a $200,000 necklace for their wife? Is this what Mr. Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be? My heart bleeds for my country. The priests of Saint Patrick's and the nuns of the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Karachi must be turning in their graves today, wondering why the promising children they taught turned out to be so greedy. May Allah save Pakistan!

Shakir Lakhani,