October 26, 2007
Shawwal 13, 1428

Comet in orbit
THIS is with reference to the letter, ‘A comet in orbit’. The writer criticises Ardeshir Cowasjee for not thinking about public money when he has a police mobile to protect him.Well, the difference between Mr Cowasjee and Ms Bhutto is that he has not been convicted by a Swiss judge to six months’ imprisonment and a $50,000 fine.Mr Cowasjee could have left this country and settled anywhere else, but he has chosen to live in the land of his ancestors to help the poor, unlike the Daughter of the East, who conveniently went into self-exile when things became too hot for her.It’s really astounding that despite the stifling atmosphere Pakistan has been able to produce writers like Mr Cowasjee, who should be considered a national asset.