1. The zillionaire who was born a pauper, but still maintains that Pakistan is the worst country on earth.

2. The 50-year-old fanatic, who until last month indulged in all the pleasures that are available, but now goes around telling people that watching TV or listening to music is a heinous sin.

3. The custom appraisers who take advantage of their positions to extort huge sums from law-abiding importers.

4. The traffic cops who stop you to check your papers, and return them only after you've parted whatever is in your wallet.

5. The bungalow owners who steal electricity via kundaconnections

6. The T & T personnel who don't care a damn if all the telephones in the country are dead, as long as they get their salaries.

7. The 75-year-old doddering wreck who marries a 16-year-old and locks her up.

8. The luxury apartment owner who has two cars but refuses to pay his dues to the building association on the grounds that he doesn't earn enough to support himself and his family.

9. The KBCA officials who allowed multi-storey buildings to be built near Quaid-e-Azam's mazaar.

10. The KESC personnel who deliberately send inflated bills so that you have to pay them under the table to get the bills corrected.

11. The fun-loving feudal who goes to Bangkok every month for what he terms "business".

12. The illiterate lout who worries that his friends will think he's not a real man if he doesn't have more than 11 children.

13. The estate agent who dupes people into buying worthless property after promising to buy it at twice its present value after six months.

14. The bigot who advocates that Pakistan can be saved only if all men have knee-length beards.

15. And Finally (according to most of the people listed above), myself!